Leading Innovation Means Leading Innovation Education

Continuous, iterative improvement is as important to the ETIM program as it is to the curriculum we teach. This October, ETIM Executive Director, Jimmy Williams took the opportunity to travel and share the ETIM MS program, refining the program’s perspective based on industry feedback.

“We are a program that teaches and educates students about innovation, and we adopt a disruptive approach ourselves. We model disruption – starting from markets people aren’t focusing on. ”
– Director Jimmy Williams

The annual meeting of the Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) offered a great opportunity to learn from industry professionals and receive input on the ETIM program. AMI encourages candor and exchange of ideas, and Williams took the opportunity to present the ETIM program in a session focused on an “ask” – how do we shape the next generation of innovation leaders so they are ready on day one?

Corporate leaders from Microsoft and Boeing, as well as others from healthcare, accounting and consulting discussed industry trends and shared hiring insights. Non-traditional technologists in the non-profit sector added a meaningful perspective, and the overall conversation provided information to prepare the next generation of innovation leaders for professional positions.

Upon his return to Pittsburgh, Williams participated in an Artificial Intelligence panel sponsored by local organizations. Along with experts in research, AI, and entrepreneurship, he shared strategies for bringing AI research into real world business scenarios.