Industry Panel 2021

In today’s ever-changing environment, career choices have become more and more of a challenge. To assist our students with their own career decisions, our ETIM program engaged with subject matter experts in each of our 5 career tracks and asked them to tell us about their career journeys and define their jobs. Our students felt that this was both helpful and engaging, and allowed them to get a look into what is changing from practitioners who are doing work in their particular area of interest.

The session exemplified to our students that each person has their own professional journey and unique experiences, that make up an individual career. Our talented and knowledgeable panelists who shared their journeys with us included, Gabriela Isturiz, Lotten Yeaney, Taylor Schubert, Gina Dickson, and Peter Votruba-Drzal.

We are thankful for the time our panelists spent with our students, the advice they shared, and the important questions they answered. We trust that as you view the videos below that you would find the content and insights engaging as well, whether you are a student or an industry professional.

Industry Panel Insights


Product Management: Gina Dickson, DDI


Analytics: Taylor Schubert, FedEx


Consulting: Lotten Yeaney, EY


Entrepreneurship: Gabriela Isturiz, Entrepreneur


R&D/Technology Management: Peter Votruba-Drzal, PPG