The Right Place, The Right Time, The Right Curriculum.

The time to innovate is now. Technology and how it is developed is changing. Business models and how companies earn money is changing. The ETIM value proposition today and for the ever-changing future, is that our program continues to educate engineers and scientists to deal with the disruptive innovations from a very disciplined framework. Our diverse courses are taught by experienced professors and practitioners who prepare ETIM students to take on the inevitable changes in our world.

A recent example of our changing environment is the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been approved and delivered to people in a record amount of time which changes the development model. With absolute implications for future development time associated with next generation viruses and processes. This example is one of many, that has resulted from an unexpected year of disruption brought on by the pandemic and emerging technologies such as data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The ETIM program prepares graduates to enter diverse industries requiring different strategies such as game theory, institutional theory, and resource-based views. Our students are preparing to enter industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, finance, software, and countless others.   

The students are able to tailor their desired interest in our program through electives that are best suited for their career goals and are offered across multiple disciplines at Carnegie Mellon. ETIM’s 5 career tracks include Analytics, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Product Management, and R&D/Technology Management.

ETIM continues to stay abreast to the changes in business, technology, and how innovation plays a role in the world. In our program, we build relationships and partner with enterprises that lead in these spaces. Our students have opportunities to learn first-hand from their internships and capstone projects that consider relevant and real-world opportunities. A key example of this partnership is our full ecosystem approach with Ernst & Young.

Given the considerable diversity of change that all organizations must address, a Masters in Science degree in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management is a game changing opportunity.